How to Plan a Micro Wedding in Colorado

March 28, 2022

Snow-capped peaks, blooming wildflowers, pine forests, and year-round adventures… if you’re dreaming of a wedding day that’s an experience – one that’s authentic, true to you, and real, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to plan a micro wedding in Colorado. 

Colorado has some of the most incredible outdoor adventures and natural landscapes, and it’s the perfect destination for a micro wedding, whether you want to experience the snow-capped peaks or the rushing rivers, ski the slopes, or hit the trails!

Why Plan a Micro Wedding in Colorado?

Before we talk about planning your day, here are a few reasons to consider Colorado for your micro wedding.

An Intimate, Authentic Experience

You know a traditional wedding, with 200 people you know and a few plus ones you’ve never even met, isn’t really your thing. And you deserve a day you’re absolutely stoked on! Deciding to have a micro wedding and ditch the huge party can be daunting, but if you want a day that feels true to you, and that really reflects how you want to get married, a smaller guest list allows you to really spend time with the people you love, and with your partner.

Gorgeous Landscapes

The Rocky Mountains are pretty out of this world – and in Colorado, you’ll find stunning peaks, sparkling alpine lakes, and some of the most amazing natural landscapes. It’s a pretty incredible backdrop for your ceremony, and a huge perk of planning a micro wedding in Colorado.

You Can Self Solemnize!

Couples planning an elopement or an intimate micro wedding are drawn to Colorado, coming from all over the country to tie the knot. The natural beauty is a huge reason why, but another perk is that you can self solemnize! 

That means Colorado is one of the few states where you don’t need an officiant, or any witnesses, to get legally married. All you need is a marriage license, and both you and your partner to sign it. Not having to find an ordained officiant can make things a little easier, and it gives you complete freedom and control over your ceremony – so you can tie the knot your way! Instead of worrying about legalities and logistics, you get to focus on exchanging vows, celebrating your love, and having a blast.

The Best Time for a Micro Wedding in Colorado

Colorado brings new adventures for every season – so while there’s no bad time to tie the knot, the date you set for your micro wedding will affect your experience.  

Winters are usually busy, as it’s a popular time for skiing and snowboarding. If you want to incorporate some winter sports into your wedding, or snowshoe in a winter wonderland, or tie the knot in a cozy cabin while snow falls outside, this is a great time for you! Of course, be prepared for cold weather.

Temperatures start to rise in April, but spring is often rainy, and the mountains are still covered in snow. It can be a good time to elope if you’re hosting your wedding outdoors and want to avoid crowds, but be prepared for unpredictable weather and rain.

Summer is another popular time to visit Colorado, this time for hiking, whitewater rafting, and outdoor adventures. It’s warm, but Colorado is known for afternoon rain storms – so if you get married this time of year, plan your ceremony, and any outdoor activities, for the morning! 

Fall is stunning, as the leaves change color and there usually aren’t as many people out and about. September and October usually bring the best weather, with warm temperatures and a break from the summer rain! Winter usually begins in early November, with temperatures falling and snow accumulating in the mountains.

How to Get Legally Married in Colorado

While your micro wedding is about having adventures you’re stoked on and celebrating with people you love, there’s also a bit of paperwork to do. Luckily, Colorado makes it pretty easy to get legally married (self solemnization, remember?).

You’ll need a marriage license – which you can get at any county clerk’s office in the state. The Denver office allows you to apply and get your license by mail if you live in Colorado, but if you’re traveling from out of state you’ll need to go in person. You can fill out the application online, but find an office close to your elopement location to pick it up.

After you pick it up, there’s no waiting period – so you can tie the knot right away. It expires after 35 days. Since you don’t need an officiant or any witnesses, all you have to do is sign the marriage license with your partner, and return it to the office!

Micro Wedding Venues in Colorado

One of the best things about planning a micro wedding is that with fewer guests, you have way more freedom to choose a location that really speaks to you. Instead of hotels and ballrooms, your “wedding venue” can be a mountaintop, a meadow, an aspen forest… you get to choose from countless unique, breathtaking backdrops! 

To get you inspired, here are some of your options for micro wedding venues in Colorado.

A Lake in the Mountains

Colorado has some incredible alpine lakes and glistening ponds tucked between the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. In the summer, you can tie the knot on the shores before taking a serene paddle in a kayak, and in the winter, you can enjoy the magic of a lake covered in ice and powdery snow!

A Forest

There’s something magical about being surrounded by woods – even if your micro wedding location isn’t too far off the beaten path, it gives you the feeling of being all alone, and standing in front of your partner and the people you love most in the world, exchanging vows in the woodlands of Colorado is an experience you’ll remember forever. There are aspen groves, lush pine forests, and plenty of woodsy scenery to choose from!

A Mountain Town

Colorado is known for the adorable mountain towns all over the state – home to ski resorts that are popular in winter, and a great gateway to hikes in the summer. Some of the best mountain towns, surrounded by stunning peaks, are Winter Park, Telluride, Aspen, and Breckenridge.

A Cabin or Airbnb

One fun, unique micro wedding venue in Colorado can be a cabin or Airbnb – this gives you a private place to exchange vows and have the ceremony, and many rentals in Colorado offer locations that are serene and quiet, with outdoor space to celebrate your micro wedding. Even if you decide to head to a scenic park or an outdoor spot for your ceremony, renting a cabin or Airbnb is always a good call – you’ll have a place to stay and to get ready for the day, and if you want to host an intimate reception with your guests, you can come back here!

Here are a few amazing cabins in Colorado:

Choosing a Photographer for Your Micro Wedding in Colorado

I’m obsessed with documenting the real stuff – those photos that you’ll look at in ten, twenty, fifty years and see not only what your wedding day looked like, but also how it felt to be there. How it felt to be surrounded by the people you love most in the world, committing to spending the rest of your life with your best friend, and celebrating your story.

I’m here for the real stuff – the laughs you share with your best friends as you get ready for the ceremony, the excitement as you await the first look, the absolute heart-thumping joy of being married to the love of your life. 
If you’re ready to plan a micro wedding in Colorado, let’s chat – let’s talk about your dream day, and how we can create an experience that’s timeless, real, and just right for the two of you.