The Best Places for Oregon Coast Engagement Photos

April 25, 2022

Secluded beaches and rugged trails with breathtaking views make the Oregon Coast the perfect place for taking your engagement photos! There’s something for every couple, whether you love to go on a hike or prefer to enjoy the great outdoors from a blanket on the beach. There are countless beaches, hikes, overlooks, and scenic views along the coast, so this guide will tell you the best places for Oregon Coast engagement photos, along with some tips for finding the most epic spots!

An engagement session on the Oregon Coast, with a couple standing on a cliff over the ocean.

The Best Time for Oregon Coast Engagement Photos

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, the Oregon Coast sees pretty average weather most of the year! It doesn’t typically get below freezing or over the high 80s. The weather in the Pacific Northwest can be somewhat unpredictable, so you’ll want to prepare for a sudden shower or a big gust of wind regardless of the season.

The summer is definitely the warmest time to head to the coast, and you can expect the least amount of rainy days. It doesn’t usually get warmer than the mid-80s, so you probably won’t be too hot when you take your pictures. Because of the warm weather, this is also the most popular time to visit the coast, meaning lots of crowded beaches and busy trails – secluded spots are going to be few and far between. If you’re hoping to avoid the crowds, try to schedule your photoshoot for sunrise or sunset (this is also when you’ll have the best lighting), and plan it for a weekday! 

Because it’s right along the ocean, the Oregon Coast never really gets below the mid-30s in the winter – which means you won’t see any snow here! It’s a really good time to take a hike or explore the nature reserves without fighting the crowds to find the best views. But, it is really rainy. About half the days are rainy in the winter, so be prepared for a few showers and check the weather before your shoot!

I think the best time for photos on the Oregon Coast is either spring or fall. Both seasons have way fewer crowds than in the summer months, and you might even be able to find yourself alone on the beach!

The Best Places for Couples Photos on the Oregon Coast

From towering cliffs over the ocean to lush forests, the Oregon Coast has some prime locations for taking your engagement photos! Some of my favorite photo spots are a little more private, but I can’t go spilling all those secrets, or they wouldn’t be so secret. Part of my job as a photographer is recommending off-the-beaten-path, lesser-known locations to my couples! 

But, to get you inspired (without giving away my favorite spots), here are some of the best places for engagement photos on the Oregon coast!

Ecola State Park

If you’re torn between heading to the woods or taking a walk on the beach, Ecola State Park might be perfect for you. With miles of trails, peaceful picnic areas, and plenty of jaw-dropping views, Ecola State Park is a great place to take your engagement photos!

Cannon Beach

The small, coastal town of Cannon Beach is a popular getaway on the Oregon Coast. The beach itself is 9 miles long, with the infamous Haystack Rock on the shoreline. Heads up – Cannon Beach is extremely popular, so it’s a little harder to find a private place to take your photos. But, close to Cannon Beach, you’ll find some spots that have remained a secret – like the place where these photos were taken!

An engagement session on the Oregon Coast, with a couple laying on a picnic blanket in the grass, the ocean behind them.

Hug Point

A small rushing waterfall, towering cliffs, and stunning spruce trees surround Hug Point Beach. If the tides are low, be sure to check out the sea caves! It’s really important to check the tides here before you go, so that you don’t get stranded while exploring the beach.

An Oregon Coast engagement session, with a couple walking barefoot in the sand, the ocean behind them.

Cape Kiwanda

Stunning views of the Pacific and a dreamy shoreline create a beautiful backdrop for the sandstone cliffs of Cape Kiwanda! The hike to the top of the dune is steep, but absolutely worth it if you’re up for an adventure. The rocky beach at the bottom of the cliff is also a beautiful spot, and after your engagement photos, you can stop at the Pelican Brewery!

Lincoln City

Lincoln City is home to the God’s Thumb hike, which is a beautiful hike to a grass-covered cliff over the ocean. The “Thumb” is steep, and windy at the top – but at the edge, you can watch the waves crash against the cliffside with views of the town in the distance and the beach below. This place is truly one of a kind, and you can also explore Lincoln City, stop for saltwater taffy, and enjoy the laid-back beach town vibe.

Bandon Beach

Bandon Beach sits where the Coquille River meets the Pacific Ocean. The beach is huge, so it’s easy to find a spot that feels more private, even on busy weekends! Rugged cliffs and stunning sand dunes, along with the seemingly infinite sea stacks scattered across the sand, make Bandon Beach a unique location to take your engagement photos.

Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

The Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor is in Southern Oregon, just north of the California border. Towering redwoods, secluded beaches, and incredible rock formations make this park one of the most beautiful areas on the Oregon Coast. The Southern Coast is more remote and less developed than the north (where you’ll find more beach towns and touristy spots), so there are some beaches in the area that have stayed a secret!

Tips for Your Oregon Coast Engagement Photos

After you’ve thought about your location, it’s important to know what to expect when you’re going to the Oregon Coast. I’ll let you in on a few tips to prepare you for your engagement shoot.

Prepare for the Weather & Wear Layers

The Oregon Coast sees a lot of rain showers and ocean breezes, so it’s important to prepare for the weather! You’ll want to wear lots of layers since the weather can be unpredictable. It can get really windy on the coast, so be prepared for some big gusts!

An Oregon Coast engagement session, with a couple walking on the beach, holding hands and leaning into each other.

Check the Tides

Any time you’re going out to the beach, it’s important to check the tides since they can make a big difference in how the beach looks and feels when you’re there! High tide limits some spots that you can go to, so most beaches are best at low tide, or when the tide is falling.

Find a Private Spot for Your Oregon Coast Engagement Photos

Most people don’t want a crowd when taking their photos, which is why it’s so important to find a secluded spot for your engagement session. 

That’s where I come in – I’ll recommend some of the best locations that are a lot more private and secluded, away from the popular spots! My goal with photography is to capture the emotions, not just how it looks. Creating a nostalgic, authentic scene to ensure you have timeless photos that you’ll treasure for years is what it’s all about.

If you want to learn more about my secret Oregon Coast engagement photo locations, let’s chat so we can start planning!

An Oregon Coast engagement session, with a couple facing each other, their arms around each others waists.